Leading provider of communications solutions to financial services firms worldwide

IPC Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of communications solutions to financial services firms worldwide. IPC offers customers a suite of products and enhanced services that includes advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and integrated network and management services to more than 40 countries. For more information on IPC see:

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The Mynavoice Recording Solutions have several integrations with the IPC trading platform. For recording of the IPC Alliance MX™ the audio is recorded at the PCM30 trunks via VOX, and stored in the Mynavoice calls database. The additional CDR information about calls is also stored in the database. Using the Mynavoice application the CDR information is shown, and using this information, calls can easily be selected for replay. The CDR link with the IPC Alliance MX provides additional call information such as Date & Time, Trader ID, Station lac, Line lac and CLI information

Voice Recording for Unigy from IPC - Unified Trading Communications

Mynavoice has partnered with IPC to deliver the first voice recording solution truly integrated with the newly launched unified trading communication platform “Unigy”.

Mynavoice provides the financial markets with a resilient and secure recording solution which for the first time enables access and management of the recorder through the trading platforms management system. The features include:

Secure, single sign-on

Administration, diagnostics and monitoring all through unified user interface

Built with the latest industry standards, including SIP and web services

Provides extensibility to call metadata to ensure that the recording platform will also be able to record multi-media

This will enhance productivity, increase transparency and ensure business continuity by easy collaboration on the entire trading floor.

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