Financial Services

Public Safety

SMB & Branches

Scalable Recording Solution from 1 to 192 channels and more

The MynaVoice Myracle recording system is a reliable and futureproofed recording solution ideal for SMB companies and branches. The system can capture, store, retrieve and play back voice, radio and data communications. It can be used in traditional or IP telephony environments to deliver high quality voice recordings for all applications, including verification and compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring.


Mynavoice offers Recording Solutions that can seamlessly grow from a few recording channels to thousands of channels. From a MynaVoice Myracle, with up to 192 recording channels, the recording system can be upgraded to a MynaVoice Pro with thousands of recording channels. By connecting multiple systems (Myracle and/or Pro) an enterprise wide recording system can be deployed with centralised administration and replay.


MynaVoice Recording Solutions are the first open and secure recording solution designed to use industry standard hardware and software. This bestin- breed technology is being used by the world’s leading financial institutions, governmental and public safety organisations and call centres.


From 1 to 192 recording channels per system

Mix TDM, Trunk and VoIP channels in one system

Total or Selective Recording, Record On Demand

Archive to any available media (NAS, DVD, RDX)

Easy to use web Graphical User Interface


MynaVoice uses the market’s first 256 bit Rijndael AES audio encryption which, when coupled with MD5 fingerprinting, secures the audio files against unauthorised replay, alteration or editing. For this reason, all MynaVoice recordings can be used as admissible evidence in a court of law.