Voice Recording Features

Industry's most resilient

Complete secondary system stand-by

Trading E1/PCM32 N+1 Satellite Redundancy

VoIP Satellite Redundancy

CTI Server Redundancy

CTI Satellite Redundancy

Active / Standby Core Server Resilience

Industry's most secure

MynaVoice uses the market’s first 256 bit Rijndael AES audio encryption which, when coupled with MD5 fingerprinting, and audit trails, secures the audio files against unauthorized replay, alteration or editing. All Mynavoice recordings can, for this reason, be used as admissible evidence in a court of law.


Mynavoice’s recording solutions give the flexibility to choose different types of standard off-the-shelf hardware and archive mediums e.g.


RDX removable hd


Mynavoice offers 3 methods of recording:

Total Recording

Recording on Demand

Selective Recording with a Rules Engine


The following value added applications round out the MynaVOice recording suite:

Quality Monitoring (Evaluation)

Mobile Phone recording

Optional 3rd party applications can be integrated:

Speech Analytics

Workforce Management

Multi-media replau