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Centralized Recording

MynaVoice MAX - Multiple Application Servers

The MynaVoice Pro and MynaVoice Myracle voice recording systems are reliable and future-proofed recording solutions to capture, store, retrieve and play back voice, radio and data communications.For larger enterprises, or companies with multiple branch offices, MynaVoice MAX off ers the possibility to link multiple local MynaVoice recording systems, to become an enterprise wide recording platform with centralized user administration and call playback.


MynaVoice Recording Solutions are the first open and secure recording solution designed to use industry standard hardware and software. This bestin-breed technology is being used by the world’s leading financial institutions, governmental and public safety organisations and call centres.

Centralized Search & Replay

A search request in MynaVoice MAX is relayed to all the underlying servers. The results are send back to MynaVoice MAX, where a list is presented of all the calls found. A call can be directly replayed from the list and is retrieved from the underlying server.

Centralized User Management

MynaVoice MAX offers a central User Management with a flexible way of organizing users in Departments, Groups and Roles. Users can be ‘dragged and dropped’ within the User Interface to place them in a different Department, Group or Role.


Central User Administration

Synchronise Administration on Servers

Role Base User Management

Centralise Search & Replay on linked Servers

Multiple Channel/Server Playback

Maximal Scalability

MynaVoice is a Recording Solution that can grow from a few recording channels to thousands of channels. From a stand-alone MynaVoice Myracle, the recording system can be upgraded to a Server / Satellite architecture with thousands of recording channels. By connecting multiple Servers (Myracle and/or Pro) using MynaVoice MAX, a large recording system can be deployed with centralized User Management and centralized Search and Replay.