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MynaVoice PRIME - Phone Recording of Mobile Extensions

Recording phone calls for accuracy, training and risk management is commonplace in many industry sectors. Recording conversations on mobile phones is beneficial to manage risk in an increasingly mobile centric business world. MynaVoice PRIME is installed on a BlackBerry® smartphone and uses any standard operator network with a conference facility.

Secure, easy and compliant

The benefits of MynaVoice PRIME are:

Protection: always be in a position to prove what was actually said on a mobile call

Verifiable recordings: CLI’s, date and time stamp for authentication and identification

Proven: deployed since early 2009 in financial services and other sectors

Transparent: notifications on BlackBerry screen

Ease of Use: users make and receive calls as normal - minimal user training

Secure: recordings made on secure in-house infrastructure

Flexible: activated by BES administrator when required

Cost Effective: no additional hardware - integrates with Mynavoice products

Recording Mobile Phones

Recording voice calls provides mobile phone users protection and peace of mind when doing business on a mobile phone. If in the future there is any query about who said what, there is an impartial, verifiable record of the conversation and any misunderstanding can be resolved very quickly.

Simple installation and integration

Installation of the MynaVoice PRIME application on the Blackberry phones can easily be done using the central Blackberry Server. This gives total control on who gets the application and the installation is completely secure and automated without user intervention required.On the recording side, MynaVoice PRIME can easily be integrated with (existing) MynaVoice Recording Solutions, offering one solution for both fixed line calls as well as mobile extension calls. When a call on a mobile phone is made, MynaVoice PRIME automatically puts the call on hold, initiates an outbound call over the mobile network to the recording system using a specified DDI, and then joins the parties together on a conference call to enable a recording of the call to be made. An active termination at the PBX or active card in the Mynavoice Recording Solution is required to terminate the calls from the mobile extensions.