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The MynaVoice recording system is built using open standards and commercial of the shelf (COTS) hardware. Due to its modular design, the Mynavoice technology and architecture is flexible and scalable, allowing cost efficient expansions and upgrades due to e.g. future organizational developments at your customer while protecting their earlier investments. The MynaVoice recording system can capture all communication, from telephone, headset and digital (TETRA) radio.

Easy to use

The web based, graphical user interface of the MynaVoice recording system is adopted by its users in only a short period of time. Search and replay of recordings will be performed fast and efficiently via this graphical user interface (GUI). To realize this, only a commercial of the shelf PC having Microsoft Internet Explorer installed and access to the centralized MynaVoice database via the Ethernet network connection (local area network, LAN) is required. Both the MynaVoice search and replay users as well as the system administrators will experience a similar, user friendly interface for all areas of application. All recordings, even for multiple locations or sites, can be archived to a central storage location. Rules based archiving is an integral part of the Mynavoice recording system and belongs to the standard MynaVoice functionality.


Multiple MynaVoice recording systems on remote locations, so called Mynavoice satellites, can be logically combined and integrated via the LAN into a single MynaVoice recording platform. If, for any reason, the internal LAN connection amongst the different MynaVoice equipment might fail, the voice satellites will run in stand-alone mode buffering the recordings locally, until the LAN connection is re-established. Synchronization will take place between the satellites and the core server afterwards.


The MynaVoice recording system provides a powerful user authorization mechanism by default. Via the extensive audit trail functionality, any user event can be easily reproduced.User-logins via HTTPS (SSL 128 bit) and VPN realizes secure communications over the LAN, preventing unauthorized usage of the information stored on the Mynavoice systems. Additionally, for secure storage of the recordings the call information can be encrypted via the Rijndael AES algorithm. By means of MD5 fingerprinting, authentication and verification of the recordings is guaranteed.

The recorder system operation and - health is monitored locally or centrally using e-mail, SNMP, web GUI, and remote dial-in. All systems are built using similar hardware components, therefore spare parts are universal available.