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Financial Services

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Compliance Recording

Mynavoice is one of the first manufacturers to introduce an effective standard recording solution that will record and store calls with all data securely stored and handled according to regulatory requirements. Over 60 percent of the world’s top 25 banks are using recording solutions based on Mynavoice technology.

Reliable Recording

Mynavoice's technology is the de facto recording standard for international financial firms capturing many hundreds of thousands of customer interactions and financial transactions each week in all the world’s main financial centres including New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Replay Authorization Process

Mynavoice solutions meet regulatory requirements worldwide by providing faster access to recorded calls to enable rapid dispute resolution and clarification of events.

This entire authorisation process is fully documented for a complete audit trail of every event.

This is achieved through an automated Trader Replay Authorisation Compliance System, and by delivery of instant call retrieval and replay to the workstation through a standard Web browser.